Outdoor BBQs and picnics seem incomplete with the proper arrangement to create the delicious food. This is where a cinder block pit comes in: an effective barbq grill station that is simple to cook on and creates a beautiful look to the outdoors. You don’t need to buy an expensive BBQ smoker machine to cook the meat if you make the cinder block pit at home yourself. All you need is charcoal and fuel to keep the fire going to cook for your friends and family.


Here is a DIY guide on making a cinder block pit:


Things you will need


  • Shovel
  • Measuring tape
  • Stakes
  • Cinder blocks (48)
  • Gauge steel
  • Washed sand
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Level
  • Trowel
  • Metal grate
  • Metal brace




  1. Select a leveled piece of ground to make the barbeque pit on. The cinder block pit will be approximately 40×56 inches big, but the dimensions can be changed to your desire. With a measuring tape, mark the dimensions on the ground.

  1. With the shovel, begin digging around the mark you have made. Dig at least 8-inches deeps to place the foundation of the grill.


  1. Add a layer of gravel in the rectangular pit, and keep it 2-inches thick. Pour mortar around the boundary and level it with a trowel while its wet. Make it 2-inches thick and 1-feet wide.


  1. While it is still wet, lay the cinder blocks on the mortar to form the first level. Level each blocks as you form the rectangular pit.


  1. Fill the holes of the cinder blocks with dirt to act as an insulator of the pit.


  1. Apply an inch thick layer of mortar over the blocks before you start on the second row. Begin lining the blocks in the same way as the previous steps.


  1. Continue with the third line the same way, and sink in the metal braces on the top of this. This brace holds the metal grate. Layer a fourth row of blocks after this.


  1. Place the metal grate on the braces and let the pit dry for 2 days.