I have been always thrilled with finding about my ancestors. Being a student of history, the element of surprise seems quite thrilling when I want to know more about my ancestors. Recently, a friend of mine got stuck with me for a day, and I ended up convincing him that he needs to explore his Native American history. He had no idea where to start, so I ended up with deriving some guidelines for him, which you can follow as well:


Get Hold of All the Relevant Facts

For finding your Native American heritage, you need to know about a lot of things. You should have your family tree present with you as it will help you in tracing down your ancestors more easily. However, if this is not the case, then you can always start your search more deeply.

It is also important to know the location from where your ancestors actually were from. Find out if they actually came from Europe or were already settled here.


Talk to As Much Relatives as Possible

The key to finding your heritage lies in talking to as much relatives as possible. You will be surprised to find how many stories they have got to tell you about your family. The elderly will definitely know their elders more, which can prove to be a plus point for you.


Visit Different Tribes

If you happen to find out about the tribe where you might be from, then you can visit different tribes to ask from them about it. There are many tribes which are not there anymore. However, you will be able to learn more about your heritage through that.


Take Professional Help

There is no certainty that you will come to know about your Native American heritage easily. You should take help from some professional who is known for tracking down people’s heritage.