Figs are very popular Mediterranean fruits, and the trees they grown on are famous in many home gardens for their beauty. The problem with the tree, however, is that it is a tree that thrives in warmer climates, which means during the winters, they may die if they aren’t cared for properly. The care for fig trees requires a little hard work, but you gain a reward of delicious figs grown every year then.

Every fig tree will need winter protection, especially in regions where there is a climate drop below 25 degrees Celsius. Here is how you can protect fig trees from the cold winters.


  1. Grow your fig tree in 15 gallons of water containers that contain a mix of 2:1 mix of soilless mix and compost. The mix should have an added granular fertilizer in it. Place it in a rolling caddy when you grow it so its mobile for you to carry around.


  1. Let the tree go dormant prior the winter season. You will have to stop watering it a week before the first snowfall. This allows the leaves to drop.


  1. Remove the remaining leaves and the fruit. Spray the plant with dormant oil to kill pests and place it in a dark location, like a garage or storage shed.


  1. Leave the soil dry during the winters.


  1. Two weeks before the last frost, bring the plant back out in a warm but sheltered place, like the porch. Water the plant. If there is a chance of snow, roll the plant back to the garage, or wrap it in a heavyweight cover.