If you enjoy deer hunting, you will need a dear blind. This aids in hiding yourself while you wait for the dear, and it is also very comfortable to hang out in. it creates a means for a clear shot at them.



Deer blinds are usually made out of wood. Here is how it can be made at home for your hunting expedition:


  1. Check with the state regulations regarding deer hunting. Most states do not allow hunting, and if it is forbidden in your state, it wont be a good idea to make a deer blind. However, if it is allowed, you need to file for a written application to request the permission of making one. Permission from the property owner is also required where the deer blind will be places.


  1. Gather information on deer blinds from other hunters. And take out a good plan with proper dimensions for the deer blind.


  1. Buy cedar or a weather resistant lumber as it pays off in the long run.


  1. Build the frame of the floor, by cutting the components to the dimension 96 x 48 inches.. drill holes through the rim joists, and then insert screws in the joists.


  1. Attach a plywood sheet to the flooring and neatly align the edges. Insert screws to lock the sheet to the flooring.


  1. To assemble the sidewalls, cut the lumber with 2 x 4 dimensions. Drill pilot holes in the walls through the plates, and finally, insert screws through the studs.entrywall1


  1. Now fit the sidewalls to the floor, and align the edges. With a spirit level, check the alignment. Drill pilot holes through the bottom plates and insert the screws in the floor joints.


  1. Make the back and front wall of the blind then by cutting the lumber according to the dimensions of the 4 x 8 lumber. Drill and screw the wall to the studs.


  1. Build a rafter as the roof of the blind. With a 2 x 6 lumber. You will need a circular saw for this to cut the lines. Smoothen with sandpaper.


  1. Attach the rafter to the roof with screws.