Chili peppers are used in a variety of cuisines, and for avid lovers of spice, growing these plants at home is an easy and fun task. Even if you have less space in your garden, planting chili peppers can be done indoors as well. The main ingredients to grow healthy peppers is by allowing control over water, sunlight, and heat.

Below is a guide on correctly growing chili peppers at home:


Selecting the Right Time

It is ideal to plant and sow the seeds of the peppers in January or February. Start by planting them indoors in a pot, as when the frost outside goes away, you can carry them outdoors. Plant the peppers at night for ideal temperature settings.


Choose the Seeds and Pot

Chili peppers come in different colors and sizes, so select the type you want to grow at home. The best indoor pepper to grow is the dwarf ornamental peppers. The pot you will grow the seeds in should be made out of plastic, and it should have drainage holes at the bottom. The pot has to be filled with potting mix with a multi-purpose compost.


Seed Germination

Place your seeds in two layers of dampened paper towel. Place this then in a plastic Zip-loc bag, and keep the bag outside in direct sunlight. Let them remain there for 3 days. The seeds will swell and sprout this way.

Planting the Seeds

Once the seeds have sprouted, you can plant them in the pot. Plant each seed 5 cm apart. Let the pot remain in a place where there is warmth but no direct sunlight. You can put the pot on top of the refrigerator. Leave the plants there for 3 to 5 days. Spray water over it as often as possible to keep the soil moist. Once the plant has grown a few inches, place them in sunlight.