Making rugs yourself is an art and skill one must muster if they enjoy arts and crafts. Braided rugs are simple to make, but are uncommon these days as people barely get the time to create large pieces of household accessories. If you want to create a yarn rug yourself, try this fun way to make this beautiful floor piece. Mix different colors to make it eye catching and more personalized.

Things you will need

  • Wool yarn
  • Darning needle
  • Polyester thread
  • Scissors
  • Clothes pins




  1. Make the yarn sections:


Place two chairs at a distance of 6-feet from one another, and unwrap the yarn skeins around the chairs. You will tie one end of the yarn to the back of one chair to unravel it. This forms 14-feet long sections. Cut the first six yarn strings, and remove them from the chairs. clamp them together with the help of the clothes pin. place then in a large basket. Then, cut the next six pieces , hold them together, and clip them. through this to the basket too. Continue doing this  till you have the whole skein is used.


  1. Braid the yarns:


Select three sections of yarn, and remove the clothes pin from one of its end. Tie the yarn strands together with a knot at the very end of them. Begin braiding the tightly. Remove the clothes pin from the ends of the yarn, and start a new section of the yarn on the short end. You can also overlap the yarns instead of making knots. Continue braiding until it is 56-feet long. This will make a 3-foot braided rug.


  1. Connecting the braids:


Start connecting the rug by beginning from the center. Lay down a 6-inch section of the braid, and then turn it back next to the first section. This will make two 6-inch sections next to one another. With a thread and needle, sew the two sections together with a slip stitch on every braid loop. Now lay down the next braid section and sew it to connect the rug in the same way. Sew the very end of the rug securely. You can sow over small patterns or embellishments to the rug if you want.