An art studio, or atelier as named in the early eras, is a place where artists carry out their work. It is their secret place of solitude or sanctity where they gain inspiration from in creating their artwork. An art studio can be made anywhere, starting from your home, to a garage, or a private space in a distant spot from your home and office. Every art studio reflects the artists themselves, as they decorate it in ways of their choices and preferences. For this reason, when you enter an art studio of an artist, you will feel it being a special abode for them which defines them and their creation perfectly. And therefore, an art studio is easily distinguishable for an artists as it personifies their character and interests.

Your Art Studio

If you are passionate about artwork and need to learn how to decorate your art studio, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of how art rooms are decorated by different artists. Find your genre among these to gain inspiration from in decorating your work space for art:


  1. For painters, using cupcake stands for their paint bottles is a neat way to work within their art studio. The picture below will show you a great cupcake stand to organize your paintwork in your art studio.


  1. Stash paintbrushes in a planter to keep them straight and handy in your art studio. Check out the picture below to see how you can do this. Take any planter or vase to make this a part of your art studio decor.


  1. To keep your fabrics organized, use closet hangers to drape the different fabrics over. Not only will this make your life easier when sewing, it will display your handicrafts to work with in an organized manner.


  1. Set your sewing threads neatly, and in a color coordinated way on a rack to spot them easily. Use nails on the rack for the bobbins as sown below. Set them in a line so that they are easy to take out.
  2. If you have an empty wine rack, set empty glassed in the holders for your pens and pencils. Check the image below to see how you can do this, and make your life hassle-free while you work on your sketches.
  3. Place bell jars over your cameras to prevent any dust from entering your camera equipment. This will not just keep them clean, but also make a great decorative item in your art studio.
  4. Use some rope and paper clips or clothespins to make a hanging device to display your paintings, sketches, or photographs. See the image below to see how it is neatly done and displayed.
  5. Set a wall of inspiration in front of you to work with motivation. A warm environment with things that you look up to will make you enthusiastic about your work.

Keep the room according to YOU and make it as neat and organized as possible to make you love what you are doing even more!


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