Just because you don’t have much money saved up doesn’t mean you forgo a vacation at the beach with your loved ones. Beach vacations are relaxing and entertaining for everyone as there are countless things to do for people of all ages there. But if you are on a budget, you can still plan a perfect trip and make the most of it. Follow these steps below to learn how to have a cheap beach vacation this summer and spend some quality time with your family or friends:


Cheap Beach Vacation

Choose a Simple  and Cost-Effective Beach

Find an affordable place to visit. It doesn’t have to be a beach with a reputation nationally, like Miami Beach or Santa Monica. Instead, you can take a trip to neighboring beach towns. Do your research to see if a dream beach exists it near cities. There are tons of family-friendly beaches around the US that are filled with entertainment as well.


Start Budgeting and Saving Up

Begin saving and planning the trip. List down the expenses, such as transportation costs, hotel costs, entertainment, and food costs. You will also add miscellaneous items like shopping or other attractions in your budget. Also, cash any reward points you have gathered on your credit card or miles on air fares. Look for discounted hotels online and deals included with them. You can find major discounts during the off-seasons or weekdays which will you see in the next step.


Avoid the Peak Seasons

The prices will be high during the weekends and the important holidays of the year. Don’t expect to have a good hotel deal on Memorial Day, but in fact, look for a time during September to make the vacation. This is the time when the rates are lower, and the prices will be more affordable. The water at this time of the year is still warm and there will be enough crowd to enjoy with.


Rent a Condo or Vacation Home

A hotel may be a major expense for your tight budget, so opt for other options to stay at, like vacation homes, which are very affordable when booked for a week. They are ideal for people with large families or friends and you get to have your own kitchen in it too. So you can cook and save on dining out as well. Look for a property that is near good restaurants and the beach so you can make the most of it without dealing with transportation costs.


Plan All the Activities

When you choose the beach vacation on budget, you also will have to plan the activities for everyone on the trip and add it to your budget. Add snorkeling or surfing for teenagers and clean waters for the young ones. You can take toys from your home for young kids as well to entertain them. Buy the beach supplies before going, as usually these are expensive on beach shops.



Cook in your vacation home to save money and set your main meal for lunchtime as there are discounts in restaurants for lunch. Buy food from small vendors which are cheaper.


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