Myositis is a medical condition in which there is an inflammation of the muscles. This inflammation is arises in the skeletal muscles when there is a strong impact by accidents, or when there is contamination. Myositis can either be temporary, or chronic. The symptoms of the disease include rash, fatigue, difficulty in swallowing or breathing, and thickening of the skin on the hands.


To identify the problem, several tests and thorough physical examination has to be done.


  • Blood Tests: A doctor runs blood tests to check the level of muscle enzymes, like creatine ki269734-5716-0nase in the blood stream. If it is too high, or abnormal antibodies exist, the patient suffers from myositis.


  • MRI Scan: With the help of a scanner that uses a high-powered magnet and computer, the muscles images are observed by the doctor. These images aid in identifying the location if myositis.



  • EMG: In this test, a doctor inserts needle electrodes in the muscles so that the response of the muscles to the electrical nerve signals can be observed.


  • Muscle Biopsy: A doctor will make a small incision in the weak muscle in this test and take out a small sample of the muscle tissue for testing. This test gives the most accurate diagnosis of myositis.