If you want a feel for the West at a party or for mere fun, why not try making a mechanical buckle bull? It simply operated on an electric motor, which will power this ride and make it a fun-filled experience.


Things you will need

  • Solenoids (6)
  • Drill
  • 6 by 66 piece of wood (1)
  • 45 inch pole (1)
  • Bearings (2)
  • Car battery powered electric motor (6)
  • Wheels (6)
  • Portable laptop (1)
  • Auto clicker (1)
  • Monster truck wheel (1)
  • Ropes (7)



  1. With the help of the drill, make two holes in the pole.


  1. Take the tire, and at the very bottom, place the motor.


  1. Attach the batteries to the motor.


  1. Put the wheels on the motor fans.


  1. On the bearing, drill the top of each pole.


  1. Put the solenoids in the center of each pole.


  1. Attach the solenoid to the wood piece.


  1. Now place the five remaining solenoids to the wheels but keep apart. Keep a one-foot distance between them.


  1. Hook the ropes to the lever of the motor.


  1. Hook one rope to all the ropes now.


  1. Now set the solenoids. Loop the untied rope to your ankle and turn on the motor.