How to Fold a Fitted Sheet


While folding your laundry, the biggest frustration is folding fitted sheets. This is because of the rounded elastic edges of the sheet. Now how do you fold around that? The easiest and simplest way to fold a fitted sheet neatly is given below. You can say bye-bye to the scrunched up sheets with this easy guide and fold that fitted sheet neatly now! The instructions given in this article are for a right-handed person, so if you are left-handed, reverse the steps.



  • Hold the sheet in your hands lengthwise and put your fingertips in the corner seam at the two ends of the sheet. This will make one hand in the foot corners and head corners of the sheet over the same side. The sheet should be inside out all the way around, even around the corners that you aren’t holding. The tag side will face away from your body.


  • Repeat the same step on the other side of the sheet. You will fold one corner of the sheet over the other. This is done by bringing the fingertips together and then flip out one of the corners over the other. Switch it to be facing the right side outwards. Both corners will be over one hand now.


  • The sheet will be folded in half vertically. You will flip the corner of it over the left to form a pocket, and then turn the sheet to a 180 degree, making a second pocket.


  • Fold the sheet in half and you will have two corners in each hand with a folded seam at the bottom. The tucked and gathered edge will be facing you. Again, fold the sheet in half to make all four corners meet. Flip the right set of the corners over the left set.


  • Lay the sheet on a flat surface, keeping the gathered edges faced up, and fold the long part with the curved edge in to a few inches so that a straight edge is made. The sheet will be rectangle. Fold it in half and then fold into thirds.

And you are finished! You didn’t need any sorcery to fold that fitted sheet. Now set the sheet all together with the pillow cases. Tie a ribbon around the entire set to keep them intact and together. You can also put the fitted sheet into one of the pillow covers and store it in a bed linen cupboard to avoid is from getting disorganized when you retrieve a set. This will keep your linen cupboard tidy and the space will be used efficiently.

Try to keep the bed linen cupboard as neat and organized as possible, like stack the fitted sheets with their pillow cases together.  An ideal linen cupboard is one where all the linens are visible, and everything is easy to reach Keep the towels in the top shelves in baskets, while the delicate linens in the drawer sections. This way, the linens can breath and be in view when you need any one of the.


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