The ducts of a home are the main lungs of the entire system. And just like the lungs need to stay clean and healthy, so do these ducts as clean air is promoted through it. Molds, dust, cooking and smoking fumes and even vermin can cling to the entire duct system of a house. To get the nitty and gritty grimes off, you can make this a DIY job if you have the right tools and know the proper technique.



Things you will need

  • Furnace filter
  • Vacuum cleaner with a heavy duty
  • Brush with stiff-bristles
  • Screwdriver for the fasteners
  • Paper towels




  1. Cover all the air registers with the paper towels so that the dislodged dust does not drift into the other rooms. Wrap each register with paper towel and replace them.


  1. Turn on the duct fan, so that the dust moves along as you are brushing out the dirt. Keep the thermostat fit to “fan on” and remember to shut off the “heat/cool” mode.


  1. Check the filter as the old filter should be in place for the loosen dust does not get pulled in the fan motor.


  1. Loosen the dust in the ducts with the brush.


  1. Sweep clean the supply registers with the vacuum. Keep the vacuum hose next to register, and lift register to catch any dust being pushed out by the fan. Continue proceeding to sweep into the register’s piping, and go as far with the hose as you can.


  1. Clean all the return air registers with a brush and you may need to unscrew them to fully clean them out. Replace them once they are clean.


  1. Shut the fan and furnace off from the breaker panel.


  1. Clean the blower now and the panels on the front of the furnace. Clean the blower compartment fully and you can use the vacuum to sweep off the dust. Clean the furnace fan as well.


  1. Replace the furnace filter with the new one you have.


  1. If there are areas you could not reach to while cleaning, you can remove the end caps from the rectangular duct piping and clean them thoroughly.