Tiffany silver is a keepsake for your next generation, whether it is a ring, necklace, bracelet, charm, bowl, or flatware. But preserving this sterling silver article will require care and tips to keep from losing its shine. Chlorine, bleach, hand lotions, hairsprays, and sweat makes silver turn dull. To make it sparkle forever, you need to clean it at least once every three months. Otherwise, the heirloom will begin tarnishing.

The simplest way to clean Tiffany’s silver jewelry item is with the Tiffany’s silver jewelry cleaner. Dab a few drops of it on a clean and soft cloth, and then rub it over the silver. Rinse the silver under warm water afterwards thoroughly, and then dry it with a clean towel or cloth. This removes tarnish and the silver from turning dull.


However, if you don’t have the cleaner with you, you can use other ways to clean the silver from Tiffany:


Assess the damage

Before cleaning the silver, assess it for any signs of dullness, tarnishing or corrosion. Tarnishes will be a darkened spots anywhere on the silver.


Use of a good cleanser

To keep the luster of the silver, use a high-quality cleaner and polisher. Leave the silver in a container filled with the cleanser for a few minutes. Dip and immerse it fully, and then take it out. Rinse it with warm water, and dry it with a clean cloth.



Apply silver polish

Silver polish is creamy and should be applied in a small amount over the silver. You can use a cloth that has to be dipped in the polish to rub over the silver. After applying, wash the silver off with warm water, and dry it with a clean cloth.


Other alternatives at home

If you don’t have a cleanser at home, you can try another method. Bring water to boil, and put the silver in the water for a few minutes. Dry it with a cloth them. You can also add a tablespoon of baking soda to the water to make it a cleaning component. ½ cup vinegar or a tablespoon of salt can be used as well.