Being the owner of a company carries immense responsibility and dedication for the success of the entire organization. Keeping good members with strong portfolios adds to the repute of a company as well, and thus, it is important that the best individuals are selected as a part of the team and company.


So if a customer is interacting well with the company and making proper transactions, they must be given a membership to your business. Offering the membership to such customers is a privilege to them and must be written in the best format possible. The best way is to write a membership acceptance letter to them, in which you have to stay thankful, welcoming and positively professional to greet them as a new part of your company.


Here is a sample on writing a membership acceptance letter:



Mathew Huffington

Dapple Interiors Company

3475 Timber Road

Houston, TX


May 27, 2013


Henry Avil

9872 Luther Lark

Houston, TX

(231) 354-5655


Dear Mr. Avil,


On behalf of the Dapple Interiors Company, I hereby write to inform you that your application for request of membership at our company has been accepted. Your dedication and interaction with our company on regular basis by buying from us in bulk has led to us being obliged to you.


To become a permanent member, please submit a fee of $50, and then on, you will be able to avail discounts and promotions from the company. Your fee is a one-time payment for a lifetime of membership with us.


We have attached your membership card with this letter. After your payment is made, the card will be activated.


We are humbled and appreciate your interest in becoming a member of our company, and we hope to continue an ongoing bond with you.


Your’s Sincerely,


Mathew Huffington

CEO Dapples Interiors Company