There are many professional courses that require the process of internship and training at an authorized company in order to gain experience and credit. A request is sent to undergo training in a company, and these companies also send out requests for training internees and students. Those who apply properly and show good skill are likely to be accepted, and they are delivered a training acceptance letter for the request they had made.


A sample of a training acceptance letter is provided below:


Garth Grey

Chief Executive Operations

Duplar Solar Institute

Bridgetown, Countville



Date: August 10, 2012


Henry Stephen

Branch Manager

Prime Ltd. Bank

Dawson Road



Dear Mr. Stephen,

With reference to your letter sent on 5th July, 2012, for a request for an employee training at Duplar Solar Institute, we are pleased to inform you that we have chosen you for the program on training, starting from 15th September, 2012 till 15th November, 2012. During this timeframe, you will be designated as Trainee in our company, and gain ample amount of experience from the company.


You will be given a certificate for training after completion of this course successfully. The schedule of our training program will be attached with this letter, and you will receive another copy upon the first day at the company with further instruction.


Please be prompt on joining us from the given date at 9:00 AM. You will stay in the office till 5:00 PM daily for the training to be successfully completed. Feel free to contact us for more details and questions you may have at (865)3638-8652.


Yours Sincerely,

Garth Grey


Duplar Solar Institute