To carry the oxygenated blood throughout your body, your arteries need to remain clean. With deposits and constant wear and tear, these arteries are at risk and can lead to heart conditions and strokes. The buildup of calcium and plaque leads to atherosclerosis, that is the first step towards heart diseases. The cause of calcium deposits is yet unknown, but steps can be taken to reduce the complications caused by it.


Follow these steps to prevent calcium buildup in your arteries:


Quit Smoking

Cigarettes and tobacco exposure leads to the increase of calcium deposits in the arteries lining. It also makes the arteries hardened, making the blood flow through the body slower.


Stress is main factor in raising the calcium deposits in the artery lining. Sodium, which causes hypertension, should be reduced as well. With high blood pressure, the arteries undergo stress, making them weak and susceptible to calcium deposits.

Intake of Vitamin K

Increase the intake of vitamin K, as it blocks the calcium deposits from lining the arteries, and it also reduces the preexisting deposits to reduce by 37 percent. Broccoli, brussels sprouts and green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin K.

Moderate Consumption of Calcium

Eat dairy and calcium-based food in moderation, as an excess in eating calcium will lead to its arterial buildup. It will also raise your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, both factors that lead to atherosclerosis. Never exceed 1000-1200 milligrams of calcium in a day.


Exercise regularly to prevent calcium buildup in the arteries. Also reduce your intake of sugar while you exercise as obesity and type 2 diabetes are factors of arterial calcification. Maintain an ideal weight and limit the intake of sugar to prevent calcium deposits overtime.