The thought of having a backyard pond bring such peace and serenity to your mind. Like the most of us if you don’t have a source of fresh water in your vicinity; you can always consider making yourself a pond. Ponds can be made as practical and as beautiful as possible that can not only bring life to your backyard but also provide habitat to wildlife.

In order to build yourself a fish or garden pond you may follow the following procedure:

  • Dig a hole.

Mark the area depending upon available space and need.  Check out the landscape and decide accordingly and eventually start digging. You may want to ideally start digging a little smaller than the marked area and then go bigger. Do try and create a deep and shallow part of the pond as this could also allow you to put various types of plants accordingly.

  • Place a liner:

Once you’re don’t digging place a liner (plastic sheet) in your pond which should be a little bigger than your actual size of the pond. You can use bricks or rocks to hold the liner from the sides, making sure they are places neatly around the whole area. This is done so that in case the pond is not that deep the water maybe sucked by earth if it doesn’t rain for while or may get evaporated easily leaving your pond empty.

  • Put water:

Easy as it sounds you may feel free to put water inside your pond now. Fill the up the pond a little less than the maximum holding strength.


  • Rocks / Plant positioning :

Now you can decorate the pond all around by covering the bricks / rocks that were used to hold the liner. You can do that by placing more rocks allover the place or positioning plants and pots in a  way that the liner and the bricks are visible.

Beautifying it further you may also place a water pump and cover all of that accordingly with cement and rocks so that the pipes are not visible and the area looks absolutely natural and green as if it was made by mother nature.