If you were a fan of the popular TV show, Desperate Housewives, then you will obviously know who Eva Longoria is. The Mexican-American beauty grew to instant stardom after her role on this series. And just like she represented her character, Eva has been a style-icon, who is known to have a beautiful taste in clothing and hair. Many fans and woman are inspired by her voluptuous layered-hairstyle.


To make your hair look like hers, a secret of the actress is that she takes very good care of her hair. Styling your hair into Eva Longoria’s look will require these tools and steps:


  1. You will need to get your hair cut with a classic long-layers for Eva’s look. It is also called a shag look, which is followed with a razor texturing. This makes the hair softened and defined. Take a printed photograph of hers to a stylist to explain the cut. The cut will define your Eva Longoria hairstyle, so visit a good hairstylist to make the accurate look.


  1. Apply mouse to give the hair volume and remove the frizziness.


  1. Blow-dry the hair with the nozzle attachment on. With a paddle brush, get into the depth of the hair, and hold the dryer downwards.


  1. Use a curling iron then to curl the lower section outwards.


  1. Apply a small amount of hair wax in the end for a finishing touch.