The Country Two-Step dance is an entertaining country dance for partner dancers. This popular dance Has come up with different variations, but the basic principles and rules to it are the same. It is followed with a simple pattern that even the beginner dancers can easily pick up instantly.  Here is a look on how the Country Tow-Step is done:

How to Get Started

To get familiar with the dance, watch the dance in videos on YouTube. Even though the dance is very simple, it will help in watching a few videos to get acquainted with the swirls and swings. You will also be able to determine which country song to dance on as you view dances. Pay attention to the rhythms and find a song that has a 4/4 beat to it (you should be able to clap your hands 4 times easily in the song’s beat).


Dancing the Two-Step

In the dance, set a frame with your partner. This means you have to form a solid shape with your partner to make the dance well. The frame used in the two-step is the traditional position, where the lead dancer has to place their right hand on the partner’s left shoulder blade and left arm out to the side. The following dancer has to place their left hand around the partner’s right bicep, and hold the partner’s left hand with their right hand. A few inches should be left between the two dancers. Begin moving to the music then, in which all the steps have to be led forward by the lead dancer. The follower has to take a step back every time the lead dancer takes a step forward.


Practice the Steps

Remember that the leader has to guide the follower in the dance. If the leader steps forward, the follower steps backward. Practice this walk with the music and then incorporate the steps. The spins, swings and turns are applied after the two partners are in coordination with the steps. To spin, the leader has to lift their left arm up and then to the right. Mix up more steps into the dance as you progress.