The transportation industry provides a lot of services to different people. A non-medical transportation company is the best for people who find it difficult to ride on public transportation for running their errands, going to the doctor and performing other responsibilities. If you want to start a non-medical transportation company, you need to have some standardized vehicles for that as well as the ability to transport people who are wheel chair bound.

Find Out which Area Needs a Non-Medical Transport

It is not necessary that every area needs a non-medical transport. Some of the areas already have such service available while others simply do not require it. Once you are done with the research, only then you should move on to the other steps. Usually such areas where there are more elders residing as well as adult day care centers present as well.

Get the Needed Vehicles

The vehicles which you need for your company should have a lift present for the wheelchairs. Instead of a small vehicle, you should invest in a van so that you can pick more than one customer at a similar time. If you already have a vehicle yet there is no way to lift a wheelchair, you should have the left installed.

Register Your Business as an LLC

It is very important to register your transportation business. You should register it as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) business. This is very important as it will keep your personal possession separate from your business in case someone files a lawsuit against you for whatever reason.

Get Your License

Your normal driving license does not work when you drive a non-medical transport. Check with your state the type of license which you require in such an instant.

Get Your Insurance

It is important to get your vehicles insured commercially. You should also get a liability insurance as you will be transporting people from one place to another for earning money.

Set a Cost

It is important to set a proper cost which you will charge your customers for transporting them from one place to another. Keep in mind the fuel prices as well as the wages which you will have to pay to your workers. Also, since vehicles need to be constantly taken good care of, it should be another factor to be considered when deciding upon a cost. Remember that you should be earning a profit, yet you should also charge reasonably for gaining regular customers.

Sign Up for Medicaid

Although not every elderly is a member of Medicaid, yet you have to sign up for it. The caseworker of every client decides how much they should pay for the transportation to them.

Spread the Word

Spreading the word about your service is very important. You should advertise in the nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and even in the newspapers.