With the ever-evolving revolution of technology and science, its no surprise farming has advanced progressively over the years. Various techniques and equipment have been included to farms to generate a greater yield for the growing world population, as most scientists predicted world famine in the 1950s. for this reason, modern farming evolved, so that an adequate provision of food was supplied to the overpopulated earth. And although fears of famine have been averted, with many countries producing a surplus to even export their agriculture, a variation in farming has been established. There mainly two types of farming methods have so far been developed, namely traditional and modern farming.

Traditional farming encompasses all traditional and old agricultural techniques to grown their produce. Bullock carts are used for helping in this form of farming, and due to less use of modern technology, a lesser yield is generated. Water is supplied by rains usually, and pest infestations are common, due to which the produce may be less, but it is much more healthier. This is because traditional farming produces organic foods.


On the other hand, modern farming uses modern equipment and technology for cultivation. Not only is the latest gears for farming used in this method of farming, but also, scientific ways to increase yields have been applied, like genetically modified food. Fertilizers are commonplace as well, and to water the plants, irrigational equipment exists. Pesticides, agronomy, antibiotics, plant breeding, and hormones are supplied to the plants in modern farming. This leads to large supplies of yield, but it is unhealthy to consume.