The summer holidays can begin to drag, with parents running out of activities for their children to think off to keep the young ones busy. Indoor activities are quite limited and there isn’t much to do for the kids, which leads them to disrupt the parents from their work. You can think of many board games, PlayStations, or Xbox’s to keep them busy, but why not let them have fun with imagination in recreational activities? Teach them about turning into a cop or a cowboy this summer and make them a paper gun pistol for them to play around with!


Any child will enjoy a paper gun pistol, which is safe and fun to use. You won’t need to supervise your child when they play with this easy-to-make and creative paper toy. You can make a simple paper gun pistol without bullets, or one that can shoot and have paper bullets. We recommend the latter be used with elder children.


Here is how you will make the paper gun:


Things you will need

  • Paper



  1. With a piece of paper made of good quality, fold the bottom side so that it goes on to meet the top. Fold it two more times, creating three folds in the piece of paper. Make the creases prominent.

Paper Gun Pistol

  1. Make a 90-degree angle with the paper and fold it down from the crease you made previously. The paper will form an L-shape.

  1. Get another piece of paper and fold it from bottom to top. Repeat this twice so that a barrel of the gun forms. Tape this barrel to the gun.


Here is how you will make a paper gun pistol that can shoot paper bullets:


Things you will need

  • 10 papers
  • Tape
  • Glue or glue gun


  1. Roll the sheet from one of the corners upwards to form a cylinder.

  1. With the other paper, roll over the first paper cylinder you made from the bottom of the paper upwards.

  1. Use tape to secure the tube.


  1. Now roll and cut another two tubes in the same way. Cut a tube in 4 pieces.

  1. Make the handle by connecting six small cylinders together.


  1. Glue a longer cylinder onto the handle. This will be the barrel of the gun.


  1. Again, you will roll two thin paper cylinders, staring from the corner of the paper and going upwards.


  1. Make a tube with this thin cylinder by bending it from the center. Fit it into the barrel, and the top most cylinder of the barrel. This will form the trigger.

  1. With the second paper cylinder, you will make the trigger guard. This is done by inserting the cylinder into the third cylinder of the handle. Bend it a few inches from where it is fit. Let it run along the Top long part of the gun.

  1. Now with another paper cylinder, make the mechanism of the barrel by hooking a rubber band to the front of the gun.

  1. Roll a few scraps of paper into tiny ball.


  1. Just load and shoot the gun with the paper bullets now!


Tip: Please avoid making bullets for young children. When grown up kids play with a paper bullet pistol, make sure they wear eye goggles or eye protectors.


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