A valve stem is a small metallic tool that is fit in the rim of a tire of a bicycle. This valve tube allows air to be entered into the tire of the bike and not leave after tightening it. Pushing the pin in the center of the valve being pushed down when filling does this.


Overtime, a valve stem tends to wear out and cause tire air leakage. Taking the bike to a mechanic may be a solution, but you can also change it easily at home if you have the right tools and guide.


Things you will need


  • Screwdriver
  • Valve stem core
  • Air pump
  • Valve core removal tool




  1. Remove the valve cap from your bike. The cap is at the top of the valve stem. It keeps dirt from entering the valve and into the tire.


  1. Place the cap in a secure spot, as it is very small and can easily get lost.


  1. With the valve stem removal tool, make clockwise rotations around the valve stem until it detaches from the tire. This will lead to the air to come out from the tire.


  1. Place the valve stem in a safe spot along with the cap as it too can be easily misplaced.


  1. When the tire deflates, place a new valve stem in the place your removed the old one from and rotate clockwise to lock it.


  1. Inflate the tire fully, and place the cap on top.