Looking your very best at job interviews or while dining at fine restaurants is vital, and by looking your best, I mean looking sophisticated and classy combined. To be classy, you need to look the full part – through elegance, fitness, grace, and a great outfit that compliments all these qualities. Make your stylishness stand out by pulling it all together and turn into a head turner wherever you go.


If you plan on standing out from the crowd anywhere you go, here is what you have to do:


  • Stay up-to-date with the latest styles and trends. You can do so by reading the latest fashion magazines or trending online sites on fashion. See how clothes and accessories are ensemble with each other in pictures. Do not copy, but you can take up on contrasting similar colors in outfits. But remember to develop your own statement!


  • Use what you have and wear it with confidence. If you have your best face on, you can stand out no matter what. Your clothes must always be clean and ironed, and should not be faded or torn from anywhere! Apply a natural amount of makeup and you are good to go.


  • Always store a few nice black outfits. Black is the color of class in my eyes. Be it a suit, or a long, slender, figure-hugging dress, you will be having many eyes on you. Black is always safe and it is all-purpose.


  • Navy blue is a very sophisticated color to wear too. It pairs beautifully with beiges, off whites, reds, maroons, and so many other colors. You should own a few pieces of clothing in this color!



  • Keep a good posture when you are walking or when sitting. Posture gives out a body language like no other. Keep your spine always straight and look right ahead instead of the ground.