You don’t need to be a computer geek to see the signs of virus or malware infestation in your computer. To determine if you computer has been infected, there are several symptoms that appear first:


  1. Your computer will begin to get very slow. A malware has infected your system and has made it run slow unless you are running a heavy-resource application.


  1. Pop-up adds appearing from nowhere is an annoying sign of malware infestation. These unexpected pop-up advertisements are spyware infections that appear in several numbers. Your navigation will be affected, and there bundled appearances are difficult to remove.


  1. If your programs or systems crash constantly, it is a clear warning of malware in habitation in the system.


  1. The hard drive activity can show a warning sign of a malware issue. An excessive activity even without the use of a program or download running means an existence of malware.


  1. Hard drive space issues or disappearance of files from it is a cause of malware activity.


  1. If there is network activity despite a connection with online servers, malware infection is exiting in the system.


  1. If unwanted websites are accessed without your input, or if new browser homepages or new toolbars itself open, you need to run a security scan for malware.


  1. When an antivirus solution is not able to run in the system or updates are disabled, check for malware.


  1. If unusual messages or programs pop up when you start your computer, malware may be living inside the system.


  1. If your friends message or call you to tell you sent them a strange message when you haven’t, your security has been breached.