I have found a lot of ways of hiding my double chin by tilting my head at a specific angle and making a pout which makes me look as thin as a stick. But, this is a temporary solution, perfect to show how slim my jaw line and neck are, on the internet.

Now I am actually thinking about getting rid of this double chin permanently. But having a surgical procedure is the last option for me. First, I don’t have enough money and second, I actually have done my research and have found many exercises for getting rid of the double chin forever. I have actually been doing those exercises and there is a noticeable reduction in my double chin.

Jaw Jut

Simply tilt your head backwards so that you are looking towards the ceiling. Stretch your lower jaw in the forward direction so that you can feel it moving. Count till 10, relax and repeat. You can do this exercise for 10 to 12 times.

Stick Your Tongue Out

Remember sticking your tongue out as a kid? Well, you never knew that you’d have to do this in your adult life as well, but for a totally different purpose!

Start by opening your mouth really wide. At this time you have to slowly stick your tongue out while counting till 5 in your mind. Your tongue should go out as far as possible. Now slowly take it back to its starting position while counting till 5 once again. Repeat this exercise 10 times at least.

Kiss the Ceiling

Tilt your head and look at the ceiling. Now make a pucker face as if you are kissing the ceiling. Count till 5, relax and return to a normal position. Repeat this exercise for 15 times.


Shading the Chin with Makeup

Take a darker shade of foundation or blush on and shade/ contour your lower jaw with the help of a brush.  This will definitely make your double chin a little less visible and distract all focus from it.