When the principal decides to leave the school and retire, a letter to bid them farewell is written. This letter can be sent from the staff, teachers, or the students. Such a letter of goodbye is also sent to the principal at the time a student or teacher is departing from the school.


For whatever reason the letter is being sent, the tone of the letter should be warm and appreciate the environment and administrations set by that principal. The letter has to make the principal feel important, and show them gratitude of their efforts.


A handwritten letter is more heartfelt, and you can see the sample below to gain inspiration from to write your own farewell note to your principal.





The Principal,


St. Paul’s School,


Harley Street, Westshire,


United Kingdom



Date: 27 January, 2010



Dear Principal Steven,


Warm wishes to you. I, Nora Hathaway, on behalf of the students of my class of Kindergarten, write this letter to bid you a teary farewell. As you embark on your new retired life, we wish you the best ahead in life.


Every student of my class, and in fact the entire school, holds the utmost respect for you. You have given us wonderful memories that we will always cherish. You taught the teachers and guided the students with the inspirational efforts. Your presence will be dearly missed, but we feel lucky to have been able to be a part of your years at school.


We promise to implement all that you have taught us, and wish you a wonderful retired life.


Thanking you,


Nora Hathaway