A leaking pipe in a wall can lead to great damage to your home. Water can damage any types of wall, and looking for professional help may be costly for such a problem. If you want to replace your pipe yourself to save money and damage, here is how you can fix a leaking pipe inside a wall:


  • Saw through the drywall showing signs of water leakage inside. The wall will have a wet stain forming on it or crumbling paint and wallpaper will indicate there is a leak. Cut through the wall to reach the damaged point.


  • You will find the leaking pipe when you have cut through the wall. Turn off the water supply now.


  • Cut a hose in two sides, making both sides even.


  • Cover the leak with duct tape.


  • Now, place the hose on the leak. Use a zip tie or metal clamps to secure the hose to the pipe.


  • Replace the drywall and fill the sides with drywall joint compound with a spatula.


  • Paint over the wall.