The Bob Hairstyle

Thinking about a change in your look? How about a new haircut like a bob!

The bob hairstyle is a short haircut women have instilled in the world of fashion for decades. The hair is cut straight all around the head at a jaw-level, and sometimes carried with a fringe. It is a decent and low-maintenance style that can be turned into more sassy with a few simple styling techniques and products.


The bob haircut was introduced during the Great War, and it created a revolution in the way women began styling their hair. The most famous debut of the look was in 1915, named Castle Bob after the ballroom dancer Irene Castle. The famous dancer cut her hair short for convenience, but instead formed a fervor in the hairstyles of women of the 20th century. Gradually, curling, coloring, and perming techniques were applied to the bob cut and the boldness of women grew in the world. Shorter skirts with rolled stockings came into fashion as the rebellious change in women’s hair brought a change in the societal norms in the 1920’s.


The hairstyle continued to transform then onward throughout the centuries. There are currently the following types of bob hairstyles:


A-Line Bob Cut

In an A-line bob, the hair is shorter in the back and longer and angles from the front. It does not have any layers in it or stacks in the back. It instead, frames the face with a curl under the chin.


Graduated Bob or Inverted Bob

An inverted bob is the same as the A-line bob, with a shorter back and longer front. But it differs from the A-line bob in that it has stacks and layers in the back.

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob A blunt bob is a very straight bob that is cut by a stylist straightly with scissors. It is a cut that creates a shaped look and was first introduced by the late Mr. Vidal Sassoon who was a revolutionary in turning haircuts into dramatic pieces of art.

Shingled Bob

The shingle bob was created in 1923. In this cut, the hair is tapered very short at the back, enough to reveal the hairline at the neck. The sides of the hair are firmed into a single curl or a point on the cheek each. It is also called a graduated bob.


Stacked Bob

The stacked bob is a bob with a straight cut around the head, but it has layers in the low-level length at the back. There is a fringe added to it as well. The purpose of the layers is to add volume to limp hair from the crown of the head.


Lob Hair

The Lob is a long bob. The length of the bob is mid-length, that means lower lengths than the chin and collarbone.


Textured or Shaggy Bobs

Textured bobs are designed for wavy and curly hair. The short bobs make the curls look like spirals and voluminous.


Asymmetrical Bobs

Similar to the A-line bob, the asymmetrical bob has one side longer from the front than the other side, while the back of the hair is short.


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