Just like other famous fashion houses – Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Prada, Burberry is one of those labels that have scads of fakes inspired by their products. Burberry’s iconic trench coats are one such item, and the replicas are actually quite impressionable. In order to figure out a real from a fake coat, you need to check the following Burberry original craftsmanship annotations:

Inspect the material of the coat, as an original will have a sturdy fabric. If the quality is not too soft, it will be a fake.


Examine the tag of the coat closely. A tag that says “Made in London” or “Made in Italy” on the back along with a serial number will be an authentic coat.


Check the lining of the coat. The lining will be of a fine material that is smooth with a clean stitching. The signature “nova plaid” patter will be splashed inside. The colors of the famous print are navy blue, red, and black over a cream background. The stripes are evenly vertical and horizontal lines. A replica will have a rough lining that is not neatly stitched.


Check the label of the coat. “Burberry” will be written in capitalized and bold letters – like BURBERRY. In addition, the Rs of the label will be curved. There will be a small symbol showing a knight on a horse as well on it.


Study the hangtag on the coat, which should match the label precisely.


See the buttons of the coat, and ensure the word “BURBERRY” is engraved finely on each in capital letters.


Fully look at the stitching of the coat. If it is neat and evenly done, you have an original.