Sliding doors create a charming look to any farmhouse. If you are into DIYs when it comes to redecorating your home, and you are looking for a simple way to build a sliding door for your barn, you have come to the right place. The sound of installing a sliding door may intrigue you, but it is definitely achievable. This article will give you an excellent and simple step-by-step guide to make you achieve the complete installation of a sliding door into your barn.


  1. Your first move for building a sliding barn door will be determining the location and then measuring the dimensions of the wall where you want this door to be fit in inside the barn.


  1. Next, you can build the barn door or up-cycle an old one from any wood shops or salvage stores according to the measurements you have taken down. You can even adjust the size of the second-hand door you purchase. If you plan to build your own door, use the least expensive pinewood.


  1. You will now need a long steel pipe, which isn’t so easy to find. You can try searching for it from a metal fabrication shop, or Google a steel shop in your vicinity to get one. This needs to be fixed at the top of the wall from which the door will hang.


  1. Drill in rolling coaster wheels at the bottom of the door, keeping a 10” gap between them.


  1. Install circle brackets at the top of the door, keeping them 8-10” apart.


  1. Drill the plates of the brackets on the wall at the very top from where the door will basically hang from. You will need to do this after you have measured the height of the door that has been installed with the wheels and brackets. Run the pipe into the brackets and mount the door to where it will be placed with the help of a friend. Measure correctly as this is the most vital step. Mark the points with a pencil and attach the plates then.


  1. One the door is correctly attached to the wall, thread in the 90-degree elbows of the pipe in the wall at both ends.


And just like that, you have safely built and installed your very own sliding barn door!