A money order is a safe way to make a payment for a purchaser and a recipient. They are much more safer than checks, as they are prepaid, and the money can not bounce back or be overdrawn from the purchaser’s account. Money orders are therefore, very handy especially for those without a bank account.

If you have never filled out a money order, you may need to know the steps to writing it down. It is a fairly simple task once you follow the steps below:

  1. Buy a money order from the Post Office of your desired amount. Ensure that the amount you pay is the same as it is printed on the money order. Money orders are also available at banks, check cashing businesses, and Western Unions.
  1. Fill in the recipient’s name on the line that says, “Pay to the Order Of” with a blue or black pen. Make sure the spelling of the person’s name or the company’s name is correct.
  1. Fill in your name where it reads, “From” or “Purchaser”, along with your information. You need to write your full legal name and your current mailing address.
  1. Sign at the front of the money order, on the field that is labeled “Purchaser, Signer for Drawer,” or “Purchaser’s Signature”.
  1. If you are paying a bill, you should give your account number.
  1. Leave the endorsement signature blank on the back empty. This space is for the company or person you are paying.
  1. Keep the receipt of the money order, which is the carbon copy underneath the form.