Anorexia nervosa is a dangerous eating disorder that begins in the teenage years of most people. A person suffering form anorexia will purposely withhold eating so that they remain thin and lose any weight gain. They suffer from the perception of being fat, even though their reflection in a mirror will show they are slim. Being anorexic is turning quite common in teenage girls due to the stereotype frail models and celebrities they try to look like. What’s even more surprising is that boys too are turning into anorexics to maintain their slim physique.

Becoming an anorexic on purpose is unhealthy and dangerous for normal weight people. It is very dangerous for people suffering from diabetes, cancer, chronic diseases, or HIV. However, if you are overweight or need to loose weight due to medical reasons, this is a step-by-step guide on becoming anorexic. However, it is suggested you discuss these patterns with a doctor before following them.


  1. Understand what body shape you want. Help the mind understand that shape to go at a slower pace and fight off hunger. Turning anorexic should be gradual and not be done quickly.


  1. Make a diet plan. Turning anorexic means going hungry and starving yourself but doing that will be difficult. So make a diet plan that gradually reduces your food consumption.


  • Drink clear soups more and water.
  • Eat only 5 bites every meal.
  • Eat baby foods that come in jars.
  • Try to follow the Dukan diet, or Scarsdale diet or Hollywood-eating plan.


  1. Continue exercising with the diet plan you follow. Aerobic exercises, yoga, walks, and meditation are beneficial.


  1. Drink water a lot to detoxify the body. This will keep the kidneys going and make your skin look fresh while you lose al that weight.