Raised decks look superb on slightly elevated houses, or those homes that are higher off of the ground. You can easily build the raised deck yourself by following these simple steps:


Step 1: Measure the amount of wood you will need.

Lay out a plan with measurements to determine the amount and sizes of wood you will need. You need to calculate the length and the width of the wood you will need and the number of rails for the steps. Take the measurements to a hardware store then to purchase timber wood.


Step 2: Lay down the footings.

Place a ledger board to the area of the house you want the deck to be made. Attach the ledger board with dimensions that are half the size of the deck. With the help of the batter boards, and the mason string, lay out the exact location of the footings now. Normally, only four footings are needed for a single-leveled deck. You will have to dig a 12-inch wide hole for each footing. The holes should be deep enough to hold the footing as well, keeping it an approximate of 48-inches. You will need an auger for this job. Mix some concrete and fill the holes with it when you have inserted the posts. Leave the posts for 48 hours to dry.



Step 3: Trim the posts.

You will need to trip the top of the posts once they are erect in the ground. Place wood with joist hangers onto them for a temporary time period.


Step 4: Install the permanent joists.

With the joist hangers you have placed, attach the permanent joists to the ledger of the deck. Now remove the temporary joists.


Step 5: Install the deck.

Attach the decking boards over the joists and stagger them up. You should use deck screws to fasten them tightly. The first row of the deck will be perpendicular to the joists, and the remaining row will be staggered.


Step 6: Build the stairs.

Pour the concrete pad now where the stairs will be placed. Each pad should be 4-inches thick. Install the framing for the stairs. Screw the decking board then in the joists. And then install the rails.