You have an important date in the morning with your longtime crush and boom! Out comes a pimple! You may feel like the world is coming to an end, but what if I could tell you a few tricks that can make that nasty zit vanish by sunrise? Yes, it’s true! You can be saved from the horror of that red spot on your face by trying any one of these tips:



Any white toothpaste is extremely helpful in removing pimples overnight. You don’t need to run to the drugstore for this tip, and by all means, it will work. Simply apply the toothpaste to the pimple and leave it overnight. Wash the dried paste off in the morning with cool water.


Hand Sanitizer

With the help of a magnifying mirror, gently apply hand sanitizer with a cotton pad on the pimple. This will disinfect it. Wipe clean with alcohol.

Woman Pumping Gel Hand Santizier From A Bottle, Concept For Swine Flu H1-N1

Ice Cubes

If the pimple is not fully infected, an ice cube can work like a charm in setting it back and diminishing the swelling. Wrap the ice cube in a piece of a clean cloth and dab onto the pimple till you fall asleep.



Honey has disinfectant characteristics that aid in removing the pimple rapidly. Dab natural honey on the zit with a sterile cotton piece and leave it one for 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water then to let the pimple clear down.



Lemon Juice

Using lemon juice aids in ridding the skin from pimples as the citric base works as a germicide. Apply lemon juice to the influenced zone with a sterile cotton swab. Mixing cinnamon powder in the juice and left overnight will make the pimple be gone fully in the morning.