Bees carry a prime spot in the ecosystem, and protecting them is important to preserve mother nature. Despite their significance in the environment, they may create havoc if they began nesting around your home. Bees can turn hostile, but they are less destructive than termites. They may be difficult to remove, but certain remedies may help get rid of bees from your house.


Before removing the bees however, we suggest you contact a local beekeeper. Certain types of bees are near extinction and it is advisable to not kill these important insects.


Here is a guide on getting rid of the bees yourself if a local beekeeper is unable to help you:


  1. Wear Your Gear

Bees are dangerous to come into contact with. Wear clothes that cover your skin fully to prevent any from stinging you.


  1. Find Their Hive

Search your premises to find where their home is. They may nest in plants, or corners of roofs and windows. They also tend to fit in cracks and openings. Look around during the morning to fully pear into every corner of your house.

  1. Call a Beekeeper

No harm in trying again, right? Bees are extremely important for the world, so before planning on killing even one bee, try to find a beekeeper who live on making money by selling honey. They can give the bees a home and not harm their nests.


  1. Spray Vinegar

When a beekeeper isn’t around, try this natural method to get the bees to relocate. In a spray bottle, mix equal parts of vinegar and water. Spray over the nests at night while wearing protective gears, like gloves and long pants with a full sleeves shirt. Spray over other corners too to ensure they don’t nestle in another part of your house.


  1. Open a Soda Bottle

You can also open a soda bottle and leave it near the bee hive. The bees will move into it, and drown in the solution.