Determining your ring size doesn’t require the help of a jeweler, but in fact, you can very easily determine the ring size you have on your own! Knowing the right ring size will help you in making the right purchase on the perfect fit ring, and avoid future inconveniences while the ring is worn.


Follow this simple DIY guide on measuring the correct ring size of your finger at home:


Things you will need


  • Notebook paper (or you can use a thick string)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil (or marker)
  • Scissors




  1. Cut a thin piece of paper in a rectangular shape. You can also cut a long piece of string.


  1. Wrap the paper (or string) around your finger, for which you are measuring the ring.The paper should be exactly where you put on your ring.


  1. Mark the area where the paper (or string) touches the other side.


  1. With a ruler, measure the marked paper (or string).


  1. Use the chart below to determine the ring size:


Size 4: 1 13/16 inches

Size 5: 1 15/16 inches

Size 6: 2 1/16 inches

Size 7: 2 1/8 inches

Size 8: 2 1/4 inches

Size 9: 2 5/16 inches

Size 10: 2 7/16 inches

Size 11: 2 9/16 inches

Size 12: 2 5/8 inches

Size 13: 2 3/4 inches

Size 14: 2 7/8 inches