Glass door inserts beautify a home. They can be installed to any door, or even the cabinets in your kitchen! You will be charged a lot of money with professional help, so why not try it at home yourself to save you some cash?


Here is how you can flawlessly add a glass door insert anywhere in your home:


  • Take the door you wish to add the glass insert to to a glass shop, and get the glass cut to the size you want it in the door.


  • Now, once you have your glass ready, cut the door according to the size of the glass. Use a woodcutting saw.


  • Apply silicon to the back of the door around the entire grove where the glass will stay.


  • Carefully, place the glass inside and press firmly.


  • At the outer edges, apply silicon again and clean off excess silicon with your fingers.


  • Allow the glue to dry.


  • You can also secure the glass with clips if the glass is big in size. Place the clips 12 inches apart to hold the glass firmly.


And just like that, you have safely and neatly installed your glass door insert!