Heart-shaped faces look beautiful with the right hairstyle. If gone incorrectly, the wide forehead or prominent cheekbones may not be revealed properly. Heart-shaped faces have wide foreheads, high and full cheekbones, and a small chin or mouth. Finding the right hairstyle for this face shape is tricky, and you need to find the best one to flatter your features impressively.


With a few styling nips and tricks, you can balance the cheekbones and chin, and look gorgeous. Here are the best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces:


  1. Choppy Forehead Bangs

Chopped forehead bangs cover the wide forehead of heart-shaped faces, and bring attention towards the eyes. You can sweep them to the side as well and keep them with short or medium length hair if you have a wide forehead.


  1. Loose Waves

Wavy hairstyles look great on women with heart-shaped faces. Loose waves are ideal on long and medium length hair. The waves draws attention towards the strong jaw of heart-shaped faces. Use a curling iron or rollers to form the beach waves.


  1. Low Chignon with Side Part

Keeping a low chignon with a heart-shaped face is a perfect updo for formal events. Set with a side parting to create an illusion of a small forehead, and a well-defined chin.


  1. Lob with Middle Part

Lobs, or long bobs, are very trendy, and look exotic with heart-shaped faces. They create the perfect length to the frame of the face, and with a center part, the bob won’t look as dowdy as bobs do. The center part should be in line with your chin shape.


  1. Pixie Hairstyle

All forms of pixie hairstyles look great with heart-shaped faces. This is because  the high cheekbones, big eyes, and small chin become prominent with this cut.


  1. Layered Hairstyles

If long hair is your thing, choose layers for your heart-shaped face. Add a deep side part to it to cover your forehead and pointed cheekbones. You can use a straightened or a round-brush to flip the layers out.


  1. Perfectly Ironed with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs with super-straight hair makes heart-shaped faces in perfect symmetry as the wide forehead is hidden, and the cheekbones draw in attention.


  1. Center Parted Hairstyles

Don’t you think Jennifer Aniston always nails it with her hair? The key to her amazing hair is keeping it simple with a center parting! Start from right above the nose and make that parting with buns, bobs, straight or waved hair.


  1. Deep Side Part

Side partings should be deep for heart-shaped faces. By doing so, you will bring out the beauty of this face shape’s cheekbones. Set a side part with short, long, or medium hair.