Nobody likes being fat. Similarly, not everyone can afford a gym for working out and burning off those calories. There are some diet plans which are awesome, work like a miracle and are the best ways of losing weight fast. 7 & 10 days diet plans are wonderful and you can between 10 to 12 pounds by following them religiously.

The 7 Days Diet Plan


·        The Day 1

On the first day of your diet, you can take any fruit you like, except for bananas. Make sure that the fruits you chose are not high in sugar content. Pomegranates, apples and citrus based fruits are your best bet here. Consume 12 glasses of water as well.

·        The Day 2

This day is for the vegetables only. Take 1 boiled potato as your breakfast. You can eat some of your favorite salads the rest of the day. Don’t forget to drink 12 glasses of water as well.

·        The Day 3

On this day, you can take fruits and vegetables both. However, eating potatoes and bananas are not allowed. And yes….taking 12 glasses of water is a must.

·        The Day 4

You can eat as many as 8 bananas on the fourth day. You also get to drink 3 glasses of milk along with a vegetable soup (recipe present in the end). Drink 12 glasses of water throughout the day.

·        The Day 5

Today you can take a serving of boiled rice with 6 small tomatoes. You can even have apples, grapefruit and oranges. Drink as much vegetable soup as you like. Take 10 to 12 glasses of water also.

·        The Day 6

On the 6th day, you can go for 3 servings of vegetable soup along with 1 serving of rice. You should drink at least 10 glasses of water as well.

·        The Day 7

You can go for vegetable based salads, vegetable soup and a small serving of rice on the 7th day of this diet plan. You can even drink a glass or two of your favorite fruit juice along with 10 glasses of water.


With this diet plan you can also take green tea, coffee with skimmed milk as well as warm lemonade. The fruits and vegetables which you use should be fresh. No packaged vegetable soups are allowed as well.

Recipe of the Vegetable Soup:



1 carrot

1 onion

3 tomatoes

2 green chilies

1 cabbage

2 lettuce leaves

4 glasses of water


Simply add all the ingredients into a pot and let the water boil. You can add salt and pepper to taste.

The 10 Days Diet Plan


·        Days 1-3


Start your day with a hot lime juice with honey.

Breakfast: Oats

Lunch: Steamed vegetables (3 of your choice) along with brown rice or a whole wheat tortilla.

Dinner: Same as lunch

Snacks: A cup of fruits or sprouts, green tea.

·        Days 4-6


Start your day with a cup of green tea or hot lime juice with honey.

Breakfast: A protein powered meal

Lunch: Steamed vegetables or salad with a cup of brown rice or whole wheat tortilla

Dinner: A serving of vegetable salad with 2 pieces of brown bread

Snacks: Fruits, nuts or boiled eggs

·        Days 7 to 10


Start your day with green tea

Breakfast: A protein powered meal

Lunch: Raw vegetable salad with steamed chicken with a cup of brown rice or 2 pieces of brown bread

Dinner: Protein powered meal

Snacks: Fiber containing fruits or bean sprouts