Fish traps are used to catch different type of aquatic species around the world. Lobsters, shrimps, and catfish are the most sought after marine animals to catch. Fish traps are simple to make with mesh that has a funneled opening.


Most states do not allow fish traps to be used by local citizens, but if you live somewhere it is legal, here is a look on how to make one to grab some catfish for yourself.


  1. Catfishes are large and require large fish traps. The dimensions of your trap should be 20 inches by 35 inches.


  1. Create a rectangular fish trap. You need to draw a rough sketch with the dimensions first of the trap.


  1. Gather all the material you will need for the trap to me made from. You will need:


  • Oak strips
  • Steel or copper wire
  • Wire mesh or poultry netting (3 cm)
  • Lumber wood
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Wire cutter


  1. Cut 12 pieces of lumber to build the box frame, with the aid176495-728px-make-a-fish-trap-step-5-version-2dimensions you have laid out.


  1. Create a box frame with the wood piece you have cut by placing them in a cube, and hammering nails to set them.


  1. But the wire mesh to a size that goes all around the box.


  1. Fold the mesh all around the longer edges of the box and tie the edges with snap ties or gauge wire.


  1. Cut a piece of the wire mesh for one of the remaining ends of the box. Secure them in place with ties or wire as the previous step.


  1. Now form a funnel with the mesh and set it in the last opened end of the box. The funnel should be 17 x 28 inches. Secure it with the box with a wire.


  1. Use a fish bait, like chicken liver, corn, or dog food. Place this in mesh fruit bag or onion bag. Place this inside the funnel.


  1. Tie a twine rope to the trap long enough to let the box be inserted in the water.


  1. Place the trap in the water, and periodically check the trap for any catfish.