Perfume has been an important accessory for men and women whenever they head out. After all, you need to smell good to feel good, as many say. But most people are now forgoing perfumes due to the increase in alcohol existence in them. Alcohol-based perfumes are harmful for the liver and can cause skin reactions. For this reason, alcohol-free perfumes are appearing in the markets now.


To make a perfume without alcohol is nothing impossible. Read below to see how it is done:


Things needed

  • Bottle
  • Small funnel
  • Essential oils
  • Base oil
  • Bowl or jar



  1. Alcohol-free perfumes are oil-based, which means you need coconut oil, grape seed oil, or jojoba oil as the base oil. Usually dipropolene glycol is used, but choosing one of these mentioned oils can bring a better scent to your perfumes.


  1. Next, notes need to be added. There are three types notes: essential oils, synthetic oils, and fragrance oils. A perfume has all three of these to be good and strong. The top note is the first smell you get when smelling the scent. This can be lemon, bergamot, orange, mandarin, or grapefruit. Though it is the first smell that comes from the perfume, it will be the first to evaporate as well. For this, the middle note is added in a perfume, which is usually the fragrance of rose, jasmine, lavender, or palmarosa. This is the core of the perfume. The third note is usually sandalwood, vanilla, or benzoin. It makes the fragrance linger on into the clothes.


  1. According to your desire, mix the oils in these quantities: 10 drops of the top note, 10 drops of base or third note, and 5 drops of the middle note. Shake the perfume well and pour it into the bottle, sealing it with a tight cap. Leave the perfume for at least 2 weeks to set.