Within just some weeks your china cabinet will be the focal point of your home. Holidays are quite near and you are soon going to get busy in Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and hosting dinners and lunches. It is high time that you should set your China cabinet rather differently from the last time. If you can focus on decorating the rest of the house, then why don’t you display items in a beautiful way in your cabinet as well!

Display Your Daily Use Items on the Hutch

Arrange the items which you use the most on the hutch. Whether it is your plates or your pitcher, setting them up on the table is easier in this manner. You can even place a few small decorative items on the hutch for giving it a simple yet an appealing look.

Add In a Few Unusual Things

Your China cabinet does not have to be boring. If you have a souvenir or a beautiful vase, then you can even it display it in the cabinet as well. Even a few scented candles can make a huge difference regarding the overall appearance of the cabinet. Put a framed picture of your family over there to add in more warmth to the room.


Display Your Best China but Don’t Go Overboard

One mistake which a lot of people do while displaying their China is that they go overboard. Do display your best pieces but don’t cram the space. Remember that less is more! You can keep the remaining China in the cupboard.

Lean the Bigger Items at the Back

Make your beautiful trays and dishes lean back against the cabinet’s wall. This will not only make them more noticeable but it will also give you more space to store other items in the cabinet as well.

Stack Things Creatively

Placing one cup over another does not look attractive at all. Get a bit creative. Arrange the cups and saucers beautifully. Get your creative juices flowing and beautify your cabinet.


Install Some Hooks

Get some hooks installed in the cabinet and hang your cups from there. It is a great way of saving space and your cups look awesome as well.


Add in Some Contrasting Colors

Do add in some contrast in your cabinet. If you have most of your china in white color, then do add in some red, blues or even browns as well. It will make your cabinet stand out.