Every country is now moving towards energy efficient appliances technology. Most governments encourage the people to buy energy efficient appliances and offer a rebate on their purchase. Here is how you can claim for a tax rebate of an energy efficient appliance.


  • Decide on which energy efficient appliance you want to purchase. This can either be a boiler, dishwasher, washing machine, central air conditioner, freezer, refrigerator, room air conditioner, or heat pump.


  • Search for your state energy office at http://www.energy.gov/inyourstate.htm You will be able to contact them here and see how much the rebate will be. Each appliance has its own set rebate.


  • Check and compare the different models of the various products enlisted. An energy efficient appliance rebate needs a certain energy rating, so keep a view on that too.


  • Once you have made the purchase, keep the receipt with you and obtain the application forms. Most shops provide the forms with the purchase you make. You can download the form too from the state energy office. Fill out these forms, keep a copy of them with yourself, and submit them quickly.


  • Now you can combine your energy efficient appliance with your tax credits.