If you think building a log cabin yourself is impossible, you better stop doubting yourself because you can achieve the impossible! With the right set of instructions, plans, and materials, you can easily make a log cabin yourself. Here is how you can:

  • Choose your land and plot it for where the log cabin will be set.
  • Choose a plan or a blueprint. You can easily download one or get one in log cabin building kits.
  • Gather enough timber wood for the cabin


Once you have the above materials ready, begin on constructing your log cabin.


  • Set the foundation of the cabin by pouring the piers below the frost line.
  • Still the logs.
  • Install the joists and subflooring of the log cabin. The flooring has to be horizontal from the joists.
  • Join the logs with the help of a block and tackle.
  • Farm the roof in panels.
  • Attach the roofing board to the panels.
  • Set the door and windows to the cabin.


These are basic steps needed in building a log cabin yourself. With the help of a kit, you will have no problem in setting it up within a few days!