I love my granite countertop. The real issue comes when there are stains left on it for whatever reason. The good thing is that those stains can be cleaned easily.

Stains Left by Organic Products

If the stains on your granite top are left by some organic product then they can be removed with the help of 30-40% hydrogen peroxide. Organic products include anything from gravy to soda, coffee and tea.

Stains Left by Inorganic Products

Inorganic products consist of dirt, dyes, ink etc. you can easily remove these stains with 30-40% hydrogen peroxide. However, to remove a stain caused by ink, you need to rub alcohol on it.

Stains Left by Oil

Pure acetone is a great remedy for removing any type of stains caused by any oil. So whether it was olive, mustard or even cooking oil which had caused that stain, you can use acetone for getting rid of it.

Satins Left by Metal

If any metal is the reason behind the causing o stain on the granite then remove it with the help of iron-out. It is a type of a chemical substance available in powdered form from any store.

Stains Left by Biological Factors

If the presence of mildew, algae or molds has caused stains on your granite surface, then go for bleach for removing it.