Manometers are devices used to check the natural gas input, which must be checked when a unit is installed or replaced. A check on gas can aid in seeing if the input is too low – which shows the condensation of burned gases that may arise in different parts of the heat exchanger – or it may show if the gas input is too high – in which the heat exchanger will become overheated and be damaged.


Measuring the gas levels is therefore, very handy and necessary. Digital manometers show accurate results in checking gas measures. These devices are far more sophisticated than the ones used previously, in which a liquid column hydrostatic instrument was used. In digital manometers, a built-in function of converting the pressure readings is made into different units of measurement.


In order to understand the different features of a digital manometer and to use it accurately, you need to follow these simple steps:


  1. Check the charge level of the manometer. If it is low, charge it with the chargeable battery inserted in the slot.


  1. Once charged, connect the manometer to the pressure tap of your gas unit. This is the gas valve with an allen head plug, which is normally labeled with “Out Pressure”. The plug is located near the unit’s outlet.


  1. Turn off the furnace, the gas cock, and the power of the unit before you remove the plug.


  1. Connect the manometer to the unit via the slot and the pipe that extends from the manometer device.


  1. Find the power button on the manometer, which is normally in the front. Turn on the device.


  1. The manometer will begin measuring the current air pressure and display a reading on the device. Re-calibrate the device to zero again to take accurate measurements. Open the two ports and vent them so that the device does not catch any pressure. Press the zero button now.


  1. Ensure you have connected the positive port to the high pressure and lower pressure has to connect to the negative port.


  1. The unit button on the manometer will let you change the pressure-measuring units.