Every house needs an extra storage place, regardless of the size. Extra luggage, bicycles, gardening tools, trash cans, sports gear, and home repair supplies need a place to be stashed in, and usually end up getting cramped in the garage. With shortage of free time, things begin cluttering, and so, more space will allow you to keep your supplies organized and well-kept. The solution to all your problems is in creating a backyard storage shed. This is something you can easily build on your own with a simple guide as given below!


Things you will need

  • Concrete blocks
  • Gravel
  • Torpedo level
  • Lumber
  • Galvanized nails
  • Plywood
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Joints
  • Wood glue
  • Screws



  1. Place 12 concrete blocks on a flat surface, arranging the blocks in three rows that are at least 60 inches apart. You should add a 4-inch bed of gravel first on the site and then place the blocks if you want the soil beneath your shed to remain clear and not corrode. Level the blocks as you align them.


  1. Cut all the floor joists to length, and begin setting them into two band joists, one on top of the mudsills. These floor-frames are cut from the lumber.


  1. Space the joists at the center at 16-inches, and secure with galvanized nails. But before you nail the floor frame should be secured with four steel-cabled anchors before it has been nailed down in the plywood floor. Bolt an anchor to a corner of the frame and then drive the spikes into the ground.


  1. Now with the plywood, add the joints to create a rigid flooring. Ensure it does not sag by hammering galvanized nails into it.


  1. Now start with the roof truss. This is made of two rafters, and a ceiling joist. Build the tresses on top of the shed floor before you erect the walls. Cut all the rafters with a 40-degree angle. Cut the bottom chords of the trusses and the gussets from the plywood. Fasten the gussets to one another at the side of the truss with wood glue.


  1. Cut the walls with 2 x 4 parts, and secure them with nails. Cut the siding of the plywood to this size and nail it to the framing with galvanized nails.


  1. Raise the wall and place it into position.


  1. Secure the wall into the position by screwing it down the bottom and into the floor framing. , Frame and erect the wall. Follow the same way for the front wall. Install the interior partition. Then add the final wall.


  1. Install the end trusses to place the roof. Secure it with deck screws that are driven into the wall plate.


  1. Set the roof trusses and fasten it with deck screws through the top wall plate.


  1. Cover the trusses with plywood and nail on the roof shingles.


  1. Install the perforated hardboard to make a partition wall.


  1. Finally, add the door, and window frames according to your design.