Though you spend hours on ironing your clothes, with a simple sittings a few times, and they turn into a web of wrinkles. This problem arises in particular with cotton clothing. Cotton clothes lose their grace with a few crumples, and people usually opt for other fabrics when buying their clothes. But cotton is ideal for the summers, and so, you cannot simply forge this material altogether.


Wrinkled cotton clothing is unavoidable, but there are some clever tricks that you can muster to fight the problem back!


  • Wash your cotton clothes with a cup of vinegar. In the final rinse cycle of the washing machine, add a cup of white vinegar. Vinegar makes cotton clothes flexible and soft, so as to prevent it from wrinkling.

  • Take the cotton clothes out of the washing machine as soon as they are washed. This will avoid wrinkling further. Shake each garment and then add them to the dryer or hang them to dry.

  • Place lesser cotton clothes in the dryer than you normally do. Stuffing the dryer will increase the drying time and wrinkle the clothes due to space issues.

  • You can also toss the line-dried clothes into the dryer with a slightly dampened towel. Set the timer to 10 minutes so that the fabric is softened, and the wrinkles flatten.

  • Iron the cotton clothes inside out while they are slightly damp. You can spray a bit of spray starch to reduce the fabrics from crinkling quickly. You can even spray plain water while ironing for a neater finish.

  • Hang the ironed clothes immediately. Never cram the clothes in a closet after ironing.

  • Smoothen your pants whenever you sit so that the cotton wrinkles less easily.


  • Don’t cross your legs when you sit to avoid wrinkling.