A brain needs nurturing and exercise, just as every other muscle does in the human body. In order to keep the brain healthy, the synapses points of our brain connections demand conservation and formation so that our brains are alert. To make the brain strong from a young age, you should introduce your kids to super brain yoga. This won’t just aid in their improvement in school, but it can also help the disabled children with mental development.

The super brain yoga is a simple squat exercise, which can be done by children and adults for brain wellness. The yoga encompasses the usage of the body’s primary energy centers, which then absorb and distribute that same energy into different parts of the body. These energy centers are the body’s acupuncture points. In this exercise, the acupuncture points are the regions by the ears. Once this exercise is performed, you will be able to move the energy from the lower parts to the major centers. It will leave you calm, intelligent and highly active.

Although we enjoy doing exercises to stay fit, super brain yoga is a powerful practice to keep a psychologically sound mind. Here is how it works:

  1. Face towards the east.
  1. Remove all jewelry and connect your tongue with the upper area of your mouth. The tongue must remain this way throughout the exercise.
  1. Take your left hand and cross over to hold the right earlobe with it. Hold the earlobe with your thumb and forefinger. The thumb should be in the front.
  1. Now follow the same process with your right hand. Hold your left earlobe with it. Now you are pressing both earlobes together and your left arm should remain close to your chest.
  1. Breathe through your nose by inhaling, and slowly squat down towards the ground.
  1. Exhale when you have reached down and are now beginning to stand back up.
  1. Repeat this squat 12-14 times.


Practice this exercise daily and make it a part of your routine with your children. Do it before their school with them, or after you can even do it when they have come back home.